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Abd Qaium Fekrat, Mohammad Shafi Sharifi, Shah M Mehryoon, Farid A. Momand, Mohammad R Moallem, Aziz Ahmad Gulistani, and Asadullah Attal...Scholars dream of rebuilding Afghanistan..Seven pursue master's degrees in engineering ...Farid Momand isn't your typical civil engineering master's degree candidate. He, along with six others studying at Ohio University's Russ College of Engineering and Technology, is already a faculty member in his native country. ..Momand is part of Afghan Merit Scholar Program, in which faculty members from Kabul University and Kabul Polytechnic University are gaining knowledge to take home to help rebuild their war-torn country. ..Russ Professor of Civil Engineering Shad Sargand, originally from Afghanistan as well, started the program in hopes of helping his homeland. This year, the Afghan eQuality Alliance, an organization working with the United States Agency for International Development to improve the quality of higher education in Afghanistan, has enabled 18 of the 56 engineering faculty members at the two universities to enroll in higher education in either the United States or Japan. Six of Ohio University's students are from Kabul University and a seventh from Kabul Polytechnic...Momand said he knew he wanted to apply to Ohio University back in 2005. ?Dr. Sargand came and gave a presentation about his background in transportation research and introduced the program,? he said. ..The students, who range in age from 24 to the mid-40s, are enrolled in two-year master's degree programs in civil, mechanical or electrical engineering. One major program goal is to establish a research institute at the University of Kabul that the school's six Afghan Merit Scholars would run. ..?Afghanistan does a good job teaching theory, but there is no lab work,? Momand explained. ?But at Ohio University, a big part of our studies involves labs." ..The institute, according to Sargand, would help the scholars continue to improve their technical backgrou