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Wedding reception, 2/3/07, 1-4 p.m., First Methodist Church, Athens, photo Kevin White (2 of 2)..Amanda Cunningham Mexican Wedding Reception.First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall.Amanda Cunningham was a highly respected student leader at Ohio University when her life was tragically taken in May 2003. Come celebrate as we commemorate her life with a Mexican Wedding Reception, a celebration she always dreamed of. We will have Mexican food, music and a pinata! This event is free. Donations will be accepted in her memory to help fund the Amanda J. Cunningham Leadership Center. For more information, e-mail event was attended by some who knew Amanda but the majority were OU students who came to be part of a dream Amanda unique wedding reception sadly she never lived to enjoy. They also came to raise funds for a leadership center in Baker Hall to be named for her and how the school and community intended to keep her memory alive to encourage others. ..In the basement of the Church Lindsay Farmer, 21, OU student, left, and Lauren Vollberg, 20, OU student, teach traditional Mexican dances. The dancers hearts were in the right place though the same could not be said for their feet.