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University Presidents Unite to Sign Memorandum of Understanding aboard barge on the Ohio River...Presidents in order from left to right..Dr. Michael Moore, Provost and Executive Vice President.Morehead State University..Dr. Rita Rice Morris, President.Shawnee State University..Dr. Gregory D. Adkins, President.Ashland Community and Technical College..Dr. Stephen Kopp, President.Marshall University..Dr. Roderick J. McDavis, President.Ohio University..Dr. Herman Koby, Interim Dean,.Rio Grande Community College..Dr. Robert Hayes, Interim Dean.Marshall Community and Technical College..I am sending a summary of the Educate the Tri-State event held today. ..Presidents and representatives from seven universities in Ohio, West Virginia and Kentucky were present as part of the Educate the Tri-State initiative to work together to offer students easier access to degree programs and other information. ..The luncheon was held at Bellefonte Country Club in Ashland, Kentucky with each university president giving remarks on working together to better educate the residents of the area...A website designed to increase awareness of the educational opportunities available within the Tri-State area was demonstrated by Dr. Charles P. Bird, Vice President, University Outreach and Regional Campuses. The intended audience for the website will be prospective students, parents and guidance counselors. The website is in its initial stages and will be updated as the project continues. ..Immediately following the luncheon presentation, the event moved to the 15th Street Ashland Boat dock to board a barge provided by Marathon Petroleum. As the barge cruised the Ohio River, which connects all three states, each President signed a copy of the Memorandum of Understanding. The document was drafted by Dr. Charles P. Bird. (if you need a copy, please let me know. You may want to interview Charlie as well)..WSAZ Channel 3 and various newspapers covered the event. The event will