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Left to Right:..Ben Schafer, American Hydrogen..Dr. Gerardine Botte..Jim Rankin,Interim Vp For Research..Frank Neukomm, American Security Resources.......OHIO UNIVERSITY ALTERNATIVE FUELS TECHNOLOGY GOES WORLDWIDE..WHAT: American Security Resources Corp. has been granted exclusive  commercialize technology developed by an Ohio University researcher.WHEN: Noon, today, Thursday, August 02, 2007.WHERE: Ohio University Innovation Center, Athens, Ohio.WHO: Dr. Gerardine Botte, associate professor of Chemical and Bio-molecular.Engineering; representatives from ASRC..American Security Resources Corporation has been granted a world wide.exclusive license to commercialize technology developed by Dr. Gerardine.Botte  to inexpensively create hydrogen from ammonia. ASRC will use to  create hydrogen fuel cells for commercial use. ASRC a subsidiary  company at Ohio University?s Innovation Center, incubator which  provides business services, resources and.facilities for start-up businesses.