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8/16/2007..Contact: Sustainability Coordinator Sonia Marcus at 740-593-0026,, or Ed Newman, Manager of Campus Recycling & Refuse at 740-593-0231, Without Borders.Furniture Donation Program Helps Hurricane Victims...The Department of Campus Recycling and Refuse has been busy loading used mattresses. Hundreds of them. But this time, they're not headed to a landfill - they're headed to needy recipients throughout the Caribbean who are storing supplies to get them through the upcoming hurricane season..."Instead of sending the mattresses to a landfill, I'm getting them re-used,? explained Ed Newman, manager of Campus Recycling & Refuse. ?The cost of shipping is the same as the cost of sending them to our own landfill. This way a lot of people will get use out of them."..Newman has been partnering with the Institutional Recycling Network and Food for the Poor on this innovative re-use project. Mattresses that have outlived their use in our campus residence halls are loaded directly onto shipping containers at the Ridges shop that are then sent out directly to those in need. With the support of Moving Services and custodial staff members, Campus Recycling has shipped three containers of mattresses so far this summer, and is getting ready to load another up today. Two more are scheduled for September. Newman estimates that each container holds between 200 and 215 mattresses...The Housing Office fully supports the initiative. ?I think that none of us wants to see anything wasted,? said Beverly Wyatt, director of the department. ?Part of our mission at this university is service to others. This is one small way that we can serve the world at large.?